My photos from 2010 on are at the following photo site
coast, coastal mountains, central valley foothills and the Sierra Nevada)
and of OTHER COUNTRIES and include
hiking, bike-riding, skiing and mountaineering.
Photos before 2010 are at an older site.

In June 2016 I hiked the JOHN MUIR TRAIL from Yosemite to Mount Whitney
For photos see
Yosemite Valley to Mammoth Lakes
Mammoth Lakes to Whitney Portal

In September 2014 I went on a hiking and rock climbing trip to TANZANIA (Mount Meru and MOUNT KILIMANJARO)
and to Kenya (MOUNT KENYA). A brief summary is at:
click here
For photos see:
Wildlife: Momella Lakes Tanzania
Hiking: Mount Meru Tanzania
Hiking: Mount Kilimanjaro Tanzania (Western Breach Route)
Hiking: Mount Kenya (Chogoria and Sirimon Routes)
Climbing: Mount Kenya (Batian - North Face Standard Route), Point Peter, Point Dutton
Street Scenes: Kenya (Nairobi, Embu, Chogoria)

In Fall 2010 I went on a Himalayan mountaineering expedition to a remote part of NORTHEASTERN NEPAL (the Yangma Valley)
The trek in to base camp was an adventure in itself.
We then attempted to climb an unclimbed 21,500 foot peak - two of our group summitted.
An account of the climb appeared in the New Zealand Alpine Journal 2011: click here
Another account is at the American Alpine Club website: click here
I have posted many photos of this Himalayan trip.
A few are at Best 75 Photos of Entire Trip
For more photos I suggest you look at in the following order:
Climbing photos: base camp and above
Trekking photos: the trek in to base camp
Trekking Photos: the trek out
Additional photos: video clips