A Farewell to Alms - Supplementary Readings

1.  Malthusian Economies

Questions on Malthusian Economics

Caplan Critiques the Malthusian Model
Clark Responds
Caplan Second Round
Clark Second Round

European Review of Economic History Symposium on the book (August 2008)

2.  Further evidence on Survival of the Richest before 1800

English Surnames and Selective Survival

3.  Modern Growth

The Analytics of Economic Growth (plus practice questions)

4.  Critique of the Institutionalist Account of Growth

Review of Avner Greif, Institutions and Economic Growth
       Do poor economies really have bad institutions?

5.  When and why did rich people stop having more children?

        Malthus to Modernity: Income, Fertility and Economic Growth in England, 1500-1914

6.  Leticia Arroyo-Abad's powerpoint slides for World Economic History

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Chapter 12
          Pomeranz on the Industrial Revolution
Chapter 13
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Chapter 15
          Human Capital as the Source of Modern Growth
Chapter 16
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