Health Economics 132: Spring 2024

This course:
(1) Provides a detailed description of the institutional features of the health care market and current trends in this rapidly changing field;
(2) Demonstrates the use and usefulness of analyzing the health care market using economic analysis, particularly microeconomics;
(3) Analyzes individual-level health data using regression methods.

The course is directed to both economics majors and to non-majors with adequate background.
Required pre-requisites:
Economics 100A (Intermediate Microeconomics) or ARE 100A or consent of instructor.
An upper division regression class: one of Economics 102, Economics 140, ARE 106, Statistics 108 or consent of instructor.

The course meets
  Tues Thurs 1.40 - 3.00 pm in person


Course materials

See the course Canvas site ( for course materials.
The text is recommended but is not required.
Jay Bhattacharya, Timothy Hyde and Peter Tu: Health Economics, First edition, Palgrave MacMillan, 2014.
The course uses the statistical package Stata. This is available in university computer labs but you may want to purchase your own copy - see the course syllabus.

Past Exams

Spring 2023
Fall 2022
Further Material (Some of it dated)

A. Colin Cameron / UC-Davis Economics /