Brown Bag Workshop in Economic Theory

University of California, Davis, Department of Economics 


Wednesday, 12:10 - 1:00, Economics Seminar Room

Fall Quarter 2008

December 3: Klaus Nehring

November 26: Chris Ayres

November 19: Burkhard C. Schipper "Unawareness Perfect Equilibria"

November 12: Dong Chul Won

November 5: Jeffrey Graham

October 29: Ronaldo Carpio "The Economics of Licencing Open Source Software"

October 22: Joaquim Silvestre "Intergenerational Equity, Uncertainty and Discounting" (joint project
with Humberto Llavador, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, and John
, Yale University)

October 15: David Ong "Sorting Fiduciaries with Shame: Theory and Experiments"

Spring Quarter 2008

May 28: Chris Ayres "Disagreement and Gains to Betting"

Winter Quarter 2008

January 16: Chris Ayres "The Paradox of Betting"

Fall Quarter 2007

November 21: T.G. Turkey "Obesity and Public Holidays"

November 14: Kyungwon Rho ""Bundling and Cost Structure: Popularity of Bundling for
Information Goods and Welfare Implications"

November 7: Will Ambrosini "Did he just say what I think he said? A theory of Farewell to Alms"

October 31: Giacomo Bonanno "Rational Choice, Belief Revision and Plausibility"

October 24: David Ong "Bribery of (Ethical) White Collar Workers"

October 18: Adib Bagh "Nash Equilibrium in Open Loop Games: Existence, Stability and
C omputation"

October 3: Amanda Kimball "On the Explanation(s) of the Diversification Bias"


Fall Quarter 2006

December 7: Giacomo Bonanno "Some Conceptual Issues in Defining Rationality in Games"

November 30: David Ong "A Simple Model of Intentions and 'Moral Bundling' (with Possible Applications to Ultimatum and Dictator Games)"

November 9: Klaus Nehring "The (Im)Possibility of a Paretian Rational"

November 2: Jeffrey Graham "Incorporating Knightian Uncertainty in Asset Pricing

October 26: Jason Lepore "Capacity Pre-Commitment and Price Competition under Demand Uncertainty"

October 19: Burkhard C. Schipper "How to Control Others"

October 3: Adib Bagh "Capacity Contrained Bertrand Competition"