Yes, there is life beyond economics!


Wang Jing (my wife)

Susi (my girlfriend) She likes to take her top off - in public! When she is happy, she is humming along beautifully. But mostly I like her big eyes.

Johann B. Schipper (my mischief maker)

Ludwig B. Schipper (together with big brother Johann)

I am an (resident) Alien. Yes, it's true. That's how foreigners in the US are officially called.



I learned trumpet, trombone, piano, and singing at conservatories in Bautzen and Dresden, Germany. My main instrument is the trombone. I play an Ed. Kruspe tenor trombone model "Prof. Weschke" with exchangeable F-attachment from the 1920th, which is something like the "Stradivari" of the trombones. I also play a 1950th Ed. Kruspe alto trombone. Recently I play principal trombone at UC Davis Symphony and I got a trombone trio going at UC Davis. Here I play with the UC Davis Symphony Orchestra Dvorak's Carneval Overture. On the piano I mostly play J.S. Bach. I would like to conduct Mahler's 8. Symphony.



Just black & white, medium format 6x6.



Der Gürtel (poème en prose, in German, 2008)

Die Solistin (poème en prose, in German, 2006)

Die Kastanie (poème en prose, in German, 2006)

Chinesische Aphorismen und Gedichte (German translation of some Chinese proverbs and poems).

Bogumil und Heinrich (A little story about a spider and her human friend for children in German).

Schweigen, Sonne, Wissenschaft, Ameise (Four little poems in German, 1995)

Fuer das Volk (Politcal poem in German before the German unification, 1988)


Chinese Tea

I appreciate good Chinese green tea. Usually I take about 2 liter per day, otherwise I don't feel balanced. You are invited when you visit me.


Chinese paintings

I collect Chinese paintings. I don't care whether the painter is famous or not. I am also not so excited about standard motives. I try to get a painting when it touches me. In general I enjoy Chinese arts and life like living in a Si He Yuan in Beijing, traveling remote Chinese countryside etc. 



Yes, I stutter, sometimes more, sometimes less. Especially when I meet new people or talk among many people or with noise in the background, and at the beginning of a telephone-call. Anyway, it does not really hamper my life.



That's a passion. That's why I hate moving - books can be so heavy.


Just collecting what I like: Renaissance graphics, surrealism, social realism, etc.