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Microeconometrics using Stata (2009, 2010)
Microeconometrics: Methods and Applications (2005)
Regression Analysis of Count Data 2nd ed (2013)

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A. Colin Cameron, Professor

I am in the Department of Economics at the University of California - Davis

My research speciality is econometric theory for cross-section data, especially count data and cluster-robust inference, and applications to labor economics and health economics data. A brief biography is here.

For more details on my research and books (data and programs) see: 
I have slides and other material on statistical learning / machine learning for econometrics posted at
The Econometrics seminar meets Monday 3.40-5.00 p.m. Fall and Spring. See:
The U.C. Davis Data Science Initiative sponsors seminars, workshops and consulting office hours
I teach econometrics and health economics (and in the past have taught labor economics and microeconomics). For more details on my teaching see: 
I have prepared handouts on some econometrics packages, used at various times in econometrics clasees. These are dated (aside from Stata) but may still be  useful:  I co-organized the following conferences hosted by The U.C. Davis Department of Economics: California Econometrics Conference September 2012.
and North American Summer Meetong of the Econometric Society 2018

From 2003-5 I served as Director of the UCD Center on Quantitative Social Science Research.

Some links (dated) include 
I like spending time in the mountains and taking photographs. See Photographs.