Gregory Clark
          - Professor of Economics - University of California, DavisA
            Farewell to Alms - A brief economic history of the world


I am a Danish National Research Foundation Professor in Economics at Southern Denmark University (Odense), as well as a Chair at the Danish Institute for Advanced Study. I am also a Visiting Professor in the Economic History Department at LSE. This year I became a Distinguished Professor Emeritus at the University of California, Davis.


My current project is a book manuscript on the nature and implications of the determination of social outcomes in England 1600-2023, based on a complete lineage of a set of 422,000 English people across this interval. This will form the third of a Hemingway punned trilogy of books about the selection pressures in the long Malthusian era, the development of highly assortative mating, the Industrial Revolution, and the implications for modern social functioning.


The core chapter of that book "The Inheritance of Social Status, England, 1600-2022" will be appearing June 26, 2023 in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Other working papers in this project are on the Families of England web page.


For a list of my publications see - Google Scholar


I grew up in Scotland, where one of my classmates at Holy Cross High was Donnie Burns, 14-time World Professional Latin American Dance Champion.  My grandparents came from Ireland to work in the coal mines and steel mills of the Clyde Valley, as part of the great diaspora of the Irish triggered by Irelandís failure to industrialize in the nineteenth century.


My path from the rain of the West of Scotland to the sunshine of Northern California was by way of degrees at Kingís College, Cambridge, and Harvard, and faculty positions at Stanford and Michigan.

To contact me stop by, call 530-574-7188, or send an e-mail.

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