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What did I learn by writing the Second Edition of  Microeconometrics Using Stata?

An Economist's Perspective on Healthcare in the US. General audience talkto OLLI, Davis, March 1 and 8 2023.
Introduction   Health Insurance   Providers   Government


Recent Developments in Cluster-Robust Inference (2022) (work with Doug Miller)

November 3 2022  Stata 2022 Economics Virtual Symposium 
Slides     References

[Earlier presentation December 15 2021
Webinar to International Association for Applied Econometrics Video recording ]

Cluster-Robust Inference Survey (2021)
James MacKinnon, Morten Nielsen, and Matthew Webb, "Cluster-robust inference: A guide to empirical practice", QED Working Paper No. 1456, 2021. [Paper]

Cluster-Robust Inference Survey (2015)
A. Colin Cameron and Douglas L. Miller, "A Practitioner's Guide to Cluster-Robust Inference", Journal of Human Resources, Spring 2015, Vol.50, No. 2, pp.317-373.
[Final version of Cameron Miller JHR A Practitioners Guide to Cluster Robust Inference]  
[Data and programs used in Cameron Miller A Practitioners Guide to Cluster Robust Inference]  
A readme file and additional description of the programs will be available by August 2015.  

Cluster-Robust Overheads
Presentation on Robust Inference with Clustered Errors, 2016 Annual Health Econometrics Workshop, Denver, September 2016. [Slides]

Stata command for One-way Wild Cluster Bootstrap Robust Standard Errors (with asymptotic refinement)
- Stata user-written command boottest written by the following authors.
- David Roodman, James MacKinnon, Morten Nielsen, Matthew Webb (2018), "Fast and Wild Bootstrap Inference in Stata using boottest".

Code for Two-way Cluster Robust Standard Errors
- For IV and hence OLS: Stata addon ivreg2 due to Christopher F Baum, Mark E Schaffer, Steven Stillman. And also xtivreg2
- For OLS our Stata code cgmreg.ado and example of use cgmreg_example.do

Robust Inference for Dyadic Data
A. Colin Cameron and Douglas L. Miller, "Robust Inference for Dyadic Data", December 31, 2014.
[Paper presented at the January 2015 ASSA meetings].

Code for Dyadic Cluster Robust Standard Errors
- For OLS our Stata code is regdyad2.ado
This is very much a "beta version". We are in the midst of editing and tweaking it, but we believe that it runs and works. The syntax to use is:
  regdyad2 yvar xvars, dyads(ID_var_1 ID_var_2)
Please let us know if you identify any problems or issues.


Analysis of Economics Data: An Introduction to Econometrics, First edition 2023. [Abstract, data and programs.]

Microeconometrics using Stata
, Stata Press, (with P.K. Trivedi), Second Edition 2023. [Abstract, data and programs.]

Regression Analysis of Count Data
, Second Edition, Econometric Society Monograph No. 53, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, May 2013 (with Pravin K. Trivedi).  [Abstract, data and programs.]

Microeconometrics using Stata
, Stata Press, (with P.K. Trivedi), First edition 2009, Revised First Edition 2010. [Abstract, data and programs.]

Microeconometrics: Methods and Applications, Cambridge University Press, New York, May 2005 (with Pravin K. Trivedi). [Abstract, data and programs.]
[Russian Translation 2015]

Regression Analysis of Count Data, First Edition, Econometric Society Monograph No. 30, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, October 1998 (with Pravin K. Trivedi).  [Abstract, data and programs.]


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Reprinted in W. Greene (ed.), 2016, Applied Econometrics, chapter 11, Routledge.

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Stata implementation: package rc2.ado due to Joseph N. Luchman.

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Stata implementation of deviance R2: package devr2 due to Sam Brilleman.

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in B. Baltagi ed., Oxford Handbook of Panel Data, 2015, Oxford: Oxford University Press, pp.233-256 (with P.K. Trivedi).   [Preprint]

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