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Economics 106 (Decision Making)
WINTER  2017

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This is a conceptually demanding class.
To earn a passing grade you need to work hard:
at least 9 hours of home study per week
(the Carnegie Rule does apply to this class).
You will NOT be graded "on the curve" (see below).
If you are not prepared to devote a lot of time and effort 
to this class you are strongly advised not to enroll in it.
  • I do not grade "on the curve"I believe that your grade should reflect entirely what you have learned. Grades will be determined according to the scale below. Thus, in principle, everybody in the class could end up with an A.
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     Instructor: Professor Giacomo Bonanno
    Office Hours
    1108 SSH
      Monday, 2:30-4:00 pm
    Wednesday, 2:30-4:00 pm

                                Teaching Assistant: Felipe Aviles Lucero
    Office Hours
     118 SSH
    (Courtyard level: one floor down from the Economics Department)
     Monday, 10:00am-12:00pm

    Syllabus:   106_Syllabus_W17.pdf   (Please read carefully, in particular the important rules concerning this course)

    Example HR


    Example HR

    Exams and answers to exams (obviously these will be posted after the exams!)
    First Midterm exam :
    version 1: Mid1_v1.pdf
    version 2: Mid1_v2.pdf
    Answers to First Midterm: 
    version 1: Mid1_v1_answ.pdf
    version 2: Mid1_v2_answ.pdf
    Second Midterm exam :
    version 1: Mid2_v1.pdf
    version 2: Mid2_v2.pdf
    Answers to Second Midterm: 
    version 1: Mid2_v1_answ.pdf
    version 2: Mid2_v2_answ.pdf
    Third Midterm exam :
    version 1: Mid3_v1.pdf
    version 2: Mid3_v2.pdf
    Answers to Thirdd Midterm: 
    version 1: Mid3_v1_answ.pdf
    version 2: Mid3_v2_answ.pdf
    version 1: Fin_v1.pdf
    version 2: Fin_v2.pdf
    Answers to Final:
    version 1: Fin_v1_answ.pdf
    version 2: Fin_v2_answ.pdf

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    HOMEWORK: there are 6 problem sets due on the following days:

    Homework_1.pdf: due on Wednesday, January 18
    Homework_2.pdf: due on Wednesday, January 25
      Skip February 1 (First Midterm)
    Homework_3.pdf: due on Wednesday, February 8
       Skip February 15 (Second Miterm)
    Homework_4.pdf: due on Wednesday, February 22
    Homework_5.pdf: due on Wednesday, March 1
       Skip March 8 (Third Midterm)
    Homework_6.pdf: due on Wednesday, March 15

    Homework should be given to the Teaching Assistant by the end of class.

    Answers to homework:

    Answers to Homework 1: Answ_1.pdf
    Answers to Homework 2: Answ_2.pdf
    Answers to Homework 3: Answ_3.pdf
    Answers to Homework 4: Answ_4.pdf
    Answers to Homework 5: Answ_5.pdf
    Answers to Homework 5: Answ_6.pdf

    Example HR

    Example HR  

    Note: your name has been replaced with an identifier calculated as follows:
    the sum of the two middle digits in your ID followed by the sum of the last four digits of your ID
    followed by the last digit of your ID followed possibly by the last letter of your last name followed possibly by the first letter of your first name


    ID Last Name First Name Identifier
    007-12-3456 Bond James 1+2 = 3 followed by 3+4+5+6 = 18 followed by 6. Thus the identifier is either
       3-18-6   or  3-18-6-d   or   3-18-6-dj
    985-63-1095 Potter Harry The identifier is either 9-15-5  or 9-15-5-r  or  9-15-5-rh

    Example HR

    (More files may be added as the course progresses: please check regularly)